How to Increase Your Tennis Serve Speed


A good serve can be the difference between winning and losing a tennis match. If you want to increase your serve speed, there are a few things you can do. In this blog post, we’ll go over some tips on how to generate more power in your service and add speed and spin.

We’ll also give some advice shared by Dr. Samuel Bride on practicing so you can master the correct technique for your body type. And finally, we’ll share some motivation on why it’s important to keep improving your game. Let’s get started!

Understand the Basics of a Tennis Serve

The first step to increasing your serve speed is understanding the basics of how to hit a tennis ball. A proper grip, racket preparation, and toss are key to generating power in your serve. The most common grip for a tennis serve is the Continental Grip, which is when you hold the racket in your hand with the base knuckle of your index finger resting on bevel two of the racket.

Tips to get prepared

  • To prepare for the service, start with the racket head behind and slightly above your shoulder and point it at the target.
  • As you toss the ball into the air, take a small step forward with your nondominant foot and rotate your upper body so that your shoulder points at the net.
  • Bring the racket back and up as you swing it forward and make contact with the ball.
  • Remember to follow through with your swing so that you finish pointing at the target.

Incorporate Speed and Spin Into Your Serve

Once you have the basic mechanics down, you can start incorporating speed and spin into your server. To add speed, focus on using your legs to generate power by coiling up like a spring and then uncoiling as you make contact with the ball.

For added spin, use a slicing motion with your racket as you make contact with the ball. This will make the ball rotate quickly through the air, making it harder for your opponent to return it.

Master the Correct Technique for Your Body Type

Different players have different body types, which means that there is not one perfect way to increase serve speed for everyone. Some players may benefit from using more arms while others may need to focus on using their legs more.

The best way to find out what works best for you is to practice and experiment with different techniques until you find one that feels natural and gives you consistent results.

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Now that you know some of the ways to increase your serve speed, it’s time to put those techniques into practice! The only way to master any new skill is through practice and repetition. So set aside some time each day to work on improving your service. You can start by hitting against a wall or practicing with a partner before moving on to playing matches.


The key is to focus on quality over quantity—try not to worry about how many serves you hit but rather how well each one is executed. As long as you’re putting in the effort and staying consistent with your practice, you will see results in no time!

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