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This is a personal blog and website run by Dr. Samuel Bride, who is the Medical Director at UMD Urgent Care in Long Island City, New York who is a tennis enthusiast. On this site, you will be able to find information and advice about tennis as well as any up and coming trends and a full bio for Dr. Bride.

Who is it for?

This website was made by Dr. Samuel Bride to provide information about the sport of tennis, one of Dr. Bride’s passions. Samuel works as a physician, and as such he understands the importance of keeping active and how tennis is a great way to do so. This blog will provide information to players with all different levels of experience, from those just curious about the game to those who can hit with the professionals. Visit our Blog Page for informational articles, or click on the About tab for bio information and a history on Dr. Bride.


Dr. Samuel Bride

dr samuel bride

New York, NY Tennis Enthusiast

Dr. Samuel Bride is a physician, husband, father, and a serious tennis enthusiast. In 1995, he earned his BA and then received his MD in 2006. Now, Dr. Bride is the current Medical Director of UMD Urgent Care which is located in Long Island City, New York and has been since 2015. On top of his career, he also has a passion for volunteer work.


Find Out About Samuel

Whether you are just curious or a longstanding professional in the sport, you will no doubt  be able to find a valuable resource in our blog which holds tips, trends, and up to date information about tennis. Also, you will be able to access advice that comes directly from Dr. Samuel Bride’s years of experience as a Division I athlete. To learn more about Dr. Bride, simply check out the About Page for his full bio.

Learn More About Tennis

Tennis is a racket sport that can be played either as an individual or in teams of two. It can be divided into gender or matches can be played coed. Playing tennis can be a great way to improve overall physical fitness and there are plenty of health benefits associated with playing the game. Dr. Bride’s years of training helped him to be a Division I tennis player for the College of William and Mary.


Learn More About Tennis and Dr. Bride

If you want to network or to learn more about the sport of tennis, you can connect with Dr. Samuel Bride by clicking on the Contact tab and completing the form located there. Dr. Bride is always open to sharing strategies and new opportunities and he will get back to you shortly.  Feel free to follow Samuel on social media or check out the Blog for articles about tennis.


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